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PVE Servers Crashing

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crunch 158:


Not a single word on server issues... 

This dlc is going  the way of the dodo.


Here are some key issues we are currently tackling:

  • Primitive Plus not working on PS4 and Xbox.
  • The Center map missing terrain on PS4.
  • Supply drops missing on other maps.
  • Meteors doing damage where they should not.
  • Wyvern and Rock Drake eggs missing/not being visible.
  • Tek Rock Drake Saddle missing on PC.
  • Mek's and Enforcers being re-added to PS4/crash fix.
  • And many others.

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Just to note, the failing servers are all on the same machine (

Servers hosted there are Extinction 462, 463, 464, 465.

464 Is in an infine loop of crash, the server remains alive for 1 sec, then it goes down.

462, 463, 465 stand online for 5-10 minutes then crash.

Others servers seem to be doing better.

I sent an outage report like 4 hours ago. Please someone with twitter contact lilpanda and/or chris to see if they can bring more attention to this machine (if they are not sleeping... I think time in seattle is 4AM...)

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465 is constantly crashing, I can't even farm 200 metal before crashing and rolling back.... Why have we got no response from any admin or dev about the issue? Horrible relationship with the community if you can't take the time to address an issue that many servers are having after you said it would be fixed in three hours!!! why would you give an eta of three hours and then not give an update 5 days later...

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