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There are a lot more players atm.  Helps little when posting here to take screenshots but make sure you DO NOT include names (you can get in trouble for naming and blaming).  What server and map are you on?  Did you try every spawn in point?  Is it one person pillaring everything or is there just a lot of players atm covering the area around their bases and packing in next to each other?  Some full map/servers you have to walk and walk and walk from spawn in to find a spot.

To Ark there needs to be some more minor adjustments.  I would suggest adding a few more spawn points.  Also suggest a /stuck button so you can get out of another person's base.  The biggest problem new players have is people, usually accidentally, building on a Player Spawn Point and players spawn in to being trapped in someone's base/house.  This makes it hard for newbies to find a place.  Death porting takes to long as you cannot generate your own poop to eat quickly.

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im already on island, abb and rag i have a bit of experience ... and i don't want to put the blaim on a person because there is at least 3 to 4 different trybe that pillard already. yesterday a loged on the game , did roam around a bit to finnaly found a spot just perfect for me. After the construction of my base i went to bed .... to found everything pillard this afternoon not even able to get bigger.  but its ok i am going to wait for the people to stop playing after 2 weeks and it is going to be find :)

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