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Center Map broken


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Yes myself and my father has the same situation its bugging us alot soooo much that its getting that way most of the people are going to conan soon. We been playing it since it was in beta its a shame its like this. Hope you devs and staff and ceo of wildcard are listening to the crys of your consumer who brought your guys product. PS awesome game by the way.

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I think the Extinction patch broke the Center further.

Major bugs I've personally encountered so far:

-ponds and rivers are invisible with beavers swimming in the "air"

-lava island and a few other places are now "floating" with a lot of their ground textures being completely invisible

-a lot of metal spawns are simply gone and never respawn

-still has the water glitch in splitscreen where when player 2 touches the water they are instantly teleported to player 1 unless player 1 is touching the water (even while player 2 is on a dino)

Wildcard please don't release a map if you have no plans on supporting it. It is frustrating to see the map stability declining with no response.

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