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Managarmr - Position bug +

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Bug info:

Post your experiences if they seem buggy to you.

What I've experienced are

Placing it in a stationary position it will rotate on it's own, if i have it facing outward, next thing i know it is facing inward all by its self.

The other thing I've experienced 2x's now, is getting off of it and it moving away from me slightly, perhaps i had whistle on in this instance but not in the above.

Being anywhere under the model will cause some crazy entrapment, thinking you could pass at its openings and finding out you can not, not a huge issue just if you have lack of space it becomes an issue.

It is parked i do not want it to move and yet it does, does < this happen to anyone else?

Praise Positives:

Otherwise i found this tame to be one of the most fun tames I've had, i like the charge and if used just right (and stat-ed) you can enjoy some neat stuff, for me best tame to have, the shimmer shine is a nice addition.

Hoping we can get some neat colors out of this one in the breeding tree, i have my eyes on a few color combos.

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Ours is rotating too.

Being stuck under them has almost led to my death several times already. My snow owl got trapped under the managarmrs head one time and stuck in the ground, impossible to move or lift off. Had to get off, move the mana and punch the owl to set it free.


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