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Extinction not installing. Looking for help from Devs

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I originally posted this on steam.

Dear Wildcard,

I hope you see this and help me out with this. I payed roughly 22 dollars for extinction. I payed for each DLC and game individually. I have thuroughly enjoyed your DLC. Extinction however, I cannot say. I spent money on a DLC I cannot install.

Please understand how frusturated I am. When you spend money on something you cannot use, it burns you. I'm trying to maintain a small amount of sell control in this message.

I bought it and consitently there has been a Disk Write Error. I tried clearing space off my hard drive. I cleared 80 GB of memory from my hard drive to download a 18GB DLC. I changed my download region. I cleared my download catche. I can't determine if it's your DLC that's keeping me from playing what I payed for or Steam.

In any case, Steam is failing to provide the service it needs to. I payed for this DLC the day it came out and have tried to install it nearly every day since. I don't know if you intend to release any new content in the future, but if I'm not able to play this game, you are going to lose a customer.

If anyone can help me solve this problem I will be eternally greatful. If a game developer can correctly identify the issue, I would be eternally greatful. I just want to play this game that I payed money for. If I can't get this thing installed I would like to know from someone how to get a refund.

Thank you,


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