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Need help editing a single dino type

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Hey all,

So I'm looking to edit a single dino type for my private server and dont know how to do this.so I'm asking for help here.


I want to edit phobia or the dino pigs stats specifically  and no other dino.

More specifically  I want to edit its poop interval and not the global setting. 

I want phobias to poop a lot more often say set the poop interval to .6 or .7 maybe lower, will need to test and adjust to my liking.


Is this possible ? If so please  can someone  help me achieve  this goal.

Dont want to have to feed it stim berries every time I want poop to make fertilizer. 


Right now I've built a pen  on a series of ramps where they stay. So when they poop it rolls down to a lower pen where I have a bunch of dung beetles  that eat the feces to make oil and fert for my farm.

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