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ok so I have sum questions

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6 minutes ago, Ddave said:

So I was on the wiki and I looked at the king titan page and it said it's carryable by all flying creatures like pteranodon but it's biggest creature in game why wildcard jus why

This was a bug, and has been fixed:

On 3/27/2017 at 10:42 AM, Jatheish said:


- Updated drag weight values for dinos that did not have it set so they're not all pick-up-able by a Ptera (Gacha, Gasbags, etc) 

As a reminder, keep in mind that the wiki is edited by players based on what they discover in-game and/or in the devkit so a lot of the info there can be inaccurate and outdated and should never be used as 100% facts.

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