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Rangnarok Wyvern Eggs

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Hi ARK:Forum, after update i was flying on all the spots of Wyvern Eggs and i saw all nests where can be, but nowhere was Eggs.
I want Hatching in Weekend, but i cant because i dont have wyvern Eggs forHatching, so i want to ask to you can fix it, cuz noone find any eggs from time of new mode.
I need it fix soooo fast, because i dont want Waste time anymore ...

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Me and a few other server owners have an issue when it comes to wyvern eggs in the nests on ragnarok. There are currently no eggs "spawning", and when we give ourself the eggs by commands, they are there. After dropping them on the ground they instantly dissapear... This means that no1 can tame any wyverns what so ever, are the dev's aware of this bug? It's on pc btw

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On ‎11‎/‎21‎/‎2018 at 8:19 AM, TsolYankee said:

confirmed the same, all maps affected. Whip will pick up on SE but they decay instantly.


PC, full cluster, no mods.

The decaying egg problem has been around for a long time.

You need to collect all the eggs from the area, leave render, go back again and wait for eggs to respawn.

The newly layed eggs will have correct spoil timers.


I guess invisible quick decay eggs are a bit tricky to handle.   Maybe WC introduced the invisible egg bug to hide the decaying egg bug?

I'm in cynical mode today.

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