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Rangnarok Wyvern Eggs

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Ever since the Update I've been looking for wyvern eggs on Conquest38 ..but only nests no eggs.... for the first 24 hrs or so we only had like 6 ppl on.. and i was looking when it was only me and my friend on... she was actually the first on after the 4.6gb update and i was the 2nd ..for like an hour or more ... I thought maybe the eggs would come later but still no eggs...


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13 hours ago, D3IVIO7V said:

Spawned in Wyvern eggs are not hatch-able, and always disappear when dropped...

That's not entirely true. After the same thing with the nests happened on my Aberration server I spent a few hours testing. Fertilized eggs have 0 health when you spawn them in, so when you drop them they break immediately if the temperature is not right. Drakes and Wyverns have extreme temperature needs so if you put down enough air conditioners you can hatch spawned in eggs. Its pointless though, as the egg wont have any information to base the stats for the baby on so you will always get a level 1 creature.

As I said, the same has happened on my Aberration server. Does anyone know if it is also happening on Official servers? And if not what mods are people running and if you run the servers with a program like ASM. I run my own servers so if there is something in common I can try fiddling about to find out where the problem is.

I run my servers on Windows 10 using ARK Server Manager - and I use S+ and Platforms+, Upgrade Station, Crystal Clear, Ultra Stacks, Death Recovery Mod and Super Spyglass.

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