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pve [DOUBLEE GAMING] FULL Cluster (GENESIS LIVE!!) Balanced/Discord/Endgame


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:EE_Logo_Footer: Doublee Gaming (formerly Doublee ARK) was formed in 2015 after playing Ark: Survival Evolved and not enjoying the officials so much (wanted more control) so I decided to put up my own on a spare desktop. Weeks after I put up a crazy modified server I met some great people and things took off from there. Many of the Admins you see in Discord have helped build this community with me (a member created this Discord for me years back).

Fast forward to now and we have new equipment donated for more games, donations to order new parts, host contests, donate to modders/devs, etc. We are looking good because of all the help (donation wall coming soon showing the contributors). This community is going strong because of the awesome people here.



:DodoRex-Mask: Server Names/Ports (IP Address is: or ark.doubleegaming.com):DodoRex-Mask:


?  Doublee Genesis PvE [Cluster] Query Port: 27030 - Server Port: 7616  ?   (only a few mods/player transfers only from other servers)

Doublee The Island PvE [Cluster] Query Port: 27021 - Server Port: 7602

Doublee Ragnarok PvE [Cluster] Query Port: 27022 - Server Port: 7604

Doublee Scorched Earth PvE [Cluster] Query Port: 27026 - Server Port: 7610

Doublee Aberration PvE [Cluster] Query Port: 27023 - Server Port: 7606

Doublee Extinction PvE [Cluster] Query Port: 27025 - Server Port: 7608

Doublee Valguero PvE [Cluster] Query Port: 27027 - Server Port: 7612

Doublee Olympus PvE [Cluster] Query Port: 27028 - Server Port: 7614


? Chat across clusters (linked in chat) and in Discord to In-Game! Awesome feature! ?


Connect: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark?q=doublee&sort=score



:raptor:  Clustered Server Settings:  :raptor:

Difficulty: 150
Taming: 5x
Harvest: Items are adjusted to communities requests. IE: Chitin 2x. Mejoberry 3x, etc (not OP)
Player XP: 2x
Mating Interval:  0.5x
Egg Hatch Speed: 10x
Baby Mature Speed: 10x
Baby Food Consumption Speed: 0.5x
Imprinting Stat Scale: 2x
Cuddle Interval: 0.15x
Cuddle Grace Period: 3x
Cuddle Lose Imprint Quality Speed: 0.1x
Structure Decay Multiplier: 4.2x (with Auto Destroy Enabled)
Dino Decay: 6.25x (with Auto Destroy Enabled)


?  Decay Timers (This will result in the following decay periods): ?

Thatch: 16.8 days
Greenhouse: 21 days
Wood/Adobe: 33.6 days
Stone: 50.4 days
Metal: 67.2 days
Tek: 84 days

Dinos: 50 days



Doublee ARK Clustered Servers (different on GENESIS): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1450838806

Mod Settings (INI Settings):

Structures Plus: https://pastebin.com/du78h7B5



?️  Doublee Gaming ARK Live Info/Map Site: (creatures/breeding/crops/etc): http://ark.doubleegaming.com ?️


N1njaAssas1n93, CanadianKat, Waremtae, ThunderGod97, Extreme Phoenix and Esbat (admins in all different time zones)


  image.thumb.png.29499712416d03f4ef2d0280892b1e4b.png  DISCORD


?  Join us on Discord for Live Updates, Screenshots, Chats, Info, Links!!   ?

http://discord.doubleegaming.com or https://discord.gg/NeXDngC


HLNA.thumb.png.d97470d1629ae07a32f0f7c04f79386c.png"Come play on Doublee Gaming's Servers! They Rock! (sexy voice)"


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A great game community , friendly  and helpful players. Most folks  tend to help and trade with each other. Mods get discussed and voted on , new servers , maps , game. all the time. A general safe and fun gamming environment. Active admins , fun < not weird >  Discord help pages. Feel free to come down and stop in and see if this is the game community for you. We look forward to seeing more of you .  


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On 11/24/2018 at 9:35 AM, Thrill said:

Sound awesome, I was a Vanilla player until now, so I don't know what to do to join your server. Any requirements?

We have things pretty good for you. Also, a handful of mods to add decor/building and a few things. Nothing OP. It's open to all maps now and players are all over :)

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I found the community after looking for an unofficial Atlas server to play on. After my interest in Atlas waned, I went back to Ark and started playing on Doublee's cluster. I used to run my own Ark cluster, and Doublee runs his servers how I like to run my own servers, only he's taken it much further than I ever did.

-He's attentive to players.

-He's a hardware guy, so the servers he runs are built on great hardware (a lot of it donated by the community).

-He surrounds himself with good admins that care as much about the player experience as he does.

-He's open to suggestions from the community and pretty regularly posts votes to get community input.

-The rates are kept near vanilla with some sensible restrictions to keep things challenging.

-He loves mods and regularly tries out new ones, especially when he puts on events for the servers. 

-The community he's built is a fun community that is fairly active. There's a good mix of solo players and small tribes.

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A few members have requested I bring up The Chasm map (still in development) and after some thinking it's not a bad idea. Those who have been here for awhile have been through other maps (The Center, etc) we hosted while it was being developed. Since The Chasm is the brother/sister of Valguero it's not a bad idea. Please see the map mod page for info on building areas, etc. I have created a channel for it #the-chasm and you can discuss things in there. The server is connected to the cluster with the map/additional chasm dinos mod added. Enjoy!

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$100 Christmas Base Contest! Mazes!

The ARK Winter Holiday is here at Doublee Gaming! What does this mean? We have added 3 x Christmas Mod's (Merry X-Mas, Randi's Xmas, Holiday Delight). These mods will give you decor, items, dinos, etc. ARK will be adding the Winter Wonderland event this weekend so things will be in full effect!

That's not all! This year we will attempt another Christmas Base contest and have 3 winners! Let me provide you with some details this time to help. See #media? for past events.

Christmas Base Contest

Create/Decorate your base and dinos with creative ideas to be entered into the contest! Each base will be filmed at the end! I can film whatever you want, however just be prepared when I login :slight_smile: You can have a simple fly through or a little story/acting as I record it.


1st Place - $50
2nd Place - $25
3rd Place - $25 

* Contest ends Jan. 1st.

Mazes have become a popular thing on the servers! We have a few people that have created some kick ass mazes over the last year. So, let's have a maze contest in addition to the base contest! This will be more for fun (no prizes) and we can see how it does. If you want to make a maze, make sure to utilize the mods (Monkey Maze/etc) and give the players some crazy fun! We will announce the coords to these mazes once they are complete!

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I love this server been playing it for a month nw and i loved every bit, admins are super helpful with questions always ready to help as soon as they can. Great community for ppl who are new to ark and want to learn. Great stats not that grindly at all. I love the server and I dont regret playing with this awesome discord community and servers ^^

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