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Charity 8x event. Server issues/event failure

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OC Scorched earth 392. During the event for extra life the server has such much issues it is beyond unplayable. As the event raised the multiplier ot got worse and worse and to the point where things were standing still.


All dinos that were bred continued to grow quickly but the timers for imprinting were stalling and sometimes gaining minutes at a time. Some had dinos hatch an hour into the event and all 13 are still yet to need inprinting. Closest being 2 hours away. It is 17 hours into the event BTW not 6..... 

Taming is impossible. Cannot chase dinos while you, ur tame and the dino you are trying to get is rubber banding across the map.

Resource gathering is impossible. Flying is danergour as tames randomly land minutes adter trying to. But with a thud and half health missing. Continuous rubber banding. 

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Oc the island 391 is running like complete rubbish. I'm half surprised my stuff is still alive. My tribe hatched red eggs at 10am Sydney time and the lag is that bad that we still have 3 hrs on first imprint. 

The rag and island servers that my tribe play on are capped to the rim.

What's the point of even playing this weekend.

This event weekend has been nothing but a fail in my opinion for us players

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