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quastion Any special loot from corrupted creatures?

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So the dlc isn't out yet. But how I understand the corrupted creatures they kinda are close to alpha carnivores. As in they attack you on sight and they are stronger in a way, maybe with corrupted creatures it's just the numbers, but that won't mean they will be an easy kill for those who don't have top predictors yet. 


So my question kinda is, is there any specific loot or any extra xp for killing one? Would be kinda cool to get some rare stuff like BPs, better quality weapons or atleased something else then just meat and hide. Corrupted meat would be a, funny thing, but what would you do with that? The possibility of element crossed my mind, but that would make it way to easy for that resource to be farmed. So that bagges the quastion, is there something special on those creatures exept them being a pain in the ass? 

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