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pvp [PC][PvP][No Mods] The Circle of Life 3Xp/5Tame/5Harv Ragnarok,Extinction,Aberra

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Welcome to The Circle of Life, a four server cluster free from admin abuse. We believe that admin abuse stems from neglectful, lazy, or just plain malicious Admins who no longer care about the community, or have somehow rationalized their actions with their own selfish justifications. Most, if not all, of the management team has experienced abuse in this form and is committed to keeping Circle free from such misconduct. We strive to give player's healthy PvP environment without mega alliances, admin abuse, or toxicity while providing the best content from Ark in a mod free form.

Experience: 3x
Harvest/Gather: 5x (berries 2.5x to reduce bronto gather lag)
Taming: 5x
Hatching: 10x
Maturation: 10x
Admin Command Logging: Enabled
Tribe Limit:12
Allaince Limit:2
Friendly Fire: Enabled
Floating Damage Text: Enabled
Gamma: Enabled
Cross-hairs: Enabled
Structure Clipping: Enabled
Annoying Supply Crate Loot Removed: water jars, compass, GPS, medium crop plots

[Server Links](https://arkservers.net/1/name/asc/?term=circle%20of%20life)

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