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Important Update Regarding Extinction On Console

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Hello Survivors,

Today we have some important news regarding the launch of ARK: Extinction on console (Xbox and PS4). After careful consideration, we have decided to move our release date for the console release of Extinction to no later than November 13th. 

This change does not affect the Steam release of Extinction, which will still be available for purchase on November 6th, at 10am PST.

We know this news will come as a disappointment to our console survivors, but we believe that this extra time will result in an improved experience for everyone who plays Extinction on console. 

Thank you for all your patience and support - we know that Extinction will be worth the wait!

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everyone dont be mean. releasing games is a hard thing. i know some people really thing that it was a bad thing but come on. extinction is the biggest DLC. and before people say "your only saying that

I mean, they kinda did.

This won't even release on the 13th you guys watch and see....  

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Absolute BS always the same they can't even do one Map right yet modders that get payed literally nothing bring them out on time every time thought this was supposed to be an actually studio hahaha waste of time and money all they do is feed people empty promises where's s+ where's the 13 other maps where's all this poop pc have ahh yeah been waiting for stuff like this since release waste of time these now they do realise they just killing the game of on console now 

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I was actually happy to have something to look forward to on Election Day, I guess not anymore. Honestly, I’d rather play extinction how it is on release than having to wait one more week for it to be less buggy. Please Wildcard, don’t make us wait to long, I’m really excited for this DLC and don’t want to loose my hype.

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So you drop a ridiculous teaser awhile back that basically gave us stupid Dino piles for skins! Then cancel a Halloween event to give more focus on Extinction and yet you still can’t release a map on time? Seriously get it together, I’ve been gaming for years and haven’t such shoty developers! Stick to your timeline, work longer days if you have to in order to deliver a product on time! And only 4 days before the release? You had to have known further in advance, right? But you have time to do a fundraiser and give 8x for official? You are a full release game and are liable for what you do now! Get it together already!

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so not only have we got no x2 this weekend both before and after this flawed event which will will need in order to feed/finish the other minimum 6days on the gigas. the people that booked the launch date off work have now been told 3days before release that its pushed back? You guys take one step forward and then take two steps back and we are the ones that suffer.
I'll say the say thing i told GM Argos about wildcards customer service in regards to your bugs/errors which cause US the players(your customers) to lose real life days and nights with out a fair compensation. COMPLETE WASTE OF OUR TIME AND EFFORT, USELESS..

When will our voice matter? when will GMs stop telling the loyal players that "internal policies" prevent them from giving us an equal or better compensation for our time. 
Are you guys going out of your way to lose players on purpose?? i can pretty much assure you that the next wildcard developed game will not get the amount of attention you will hope for.

What a waste, nice one WC

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5 minutes ago, Gothicmage said:

Are you raptoring kidding me!?!? Some ove us have even used our vacation time at work in preparation for extinction release.  This is such raptoring crap. Jen why are console players constantly being blown off and screwed by you guys. THIS IS BULLpoop!!!!

Sony and MS taking a Quality test before they releasy any content on their consoles, this release candidate has to hit 2 weeks before ( if iam right ) they wanna release it. I think all 3 versions ( xbox/ps/steam ) have the same status, but steam may dont use this qualitiy control.

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