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Depends on the finalization of the dlc. cause right now it has futuristic elements and content.  Keep in mind. Most will probably tell me "well what does that make Tek dinos? or glider suits? or Abberation having Terminals?"  Etc.

Yes, Yes i can see the irony in that with what i just said.  but im guessing they made exceptions to fit those into prim plus.     I see Tek dinos more of an cosmetic addons to the mod. and made a few engrams as exceptions as previously said,   it must take em alot of time to figure out how they can balance whats been added into extinction and downgrade it into a prim mod.     lots of stuff would have to be adjusted.   such as drop system.  most machines like defense units or enforcers drop electrical circuits (correct me on that)  and replace them with other materials to make up for it.  same with adjusting the engrams and perhaps they maybe able to slip in new prim engrams.


other than that chances are it might not come to prim anytime soon.     i dunno about consoles since im on PC.  but i havent even seen scortched earth on the list.  (but thats because Rag has everything Scorched earth has, with the exception of the phoenix) 

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