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Ark Modding Contest

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So I got a question in regards to this Modding Contest. I had a look at the standings currently and I am shocked to see what is posted. Wildcard puts this contest on for us to vote publicly what we want to see win with this contest, and it was exciting for the last 2 weeks of voting and to see mods going up and down the list and maybe seeing a few changes to positions here and there to win the 30% of voting, yet when looking at the results, Primal Fear which got 1st in the Public voting get shoved all the way to 15th and Valguero (no offense to them) has only 16k subs in the Workshop jump to 1st with others who were 3rd (King of the Ark) go down to 21st, and 4th (Extinction Core) go to 33rd. If Wildcard was wanting OUR opinion, then why would they bump those who were actually VOTED to the top in the bottom of the list? Why even have a public vote? This is not right and this is going against anything what the public wants to see. Why should we even have a contest to begin with if Wildcard will just pick what mod they like and just give them a sponsorship? Color me not impressed with this whole contest and I feel this isn't right for those who took the time to vote for their FAVORITE mod.

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i couldn't agree more with this it's actually so sad.
You seem to forget wild card What the Modding community has done for you
New Maps New Tools New Quality of Life mods that make the game-play better for some people 
and Chances are when you have broken things in the past more than likely someone made a mod to Fix it.

Then my biggest problem with Wildcard Yeah all the new mods that make the game more fun and interesting with new maps and such make it still playable after all this time but one group of modders you really should be thankful for is the people that make >overhaul mods <  Why you may ask ? cause every time i start up a server or anything the first thing i think about is Overhaul witch one ?some people may not use them but i highly  doubt it ark is not the same without an overhaul mod its dead dry and like a just so plain its not fun overhauls Kept this game going for you guys so you could take so long and Jebait us with DLC and other stuff you have done to upset the player base but we look past it why cause of the modding community if anything you should be doing something to thank them not just give them a pat on the back and that's it  i mean you don't even give them the recognition they deserve for keeping Ark Alive i know for myself if it wasn't for overhauls and a custom maps every now and then i would have stopped playing this quiet a while ago.  so yeah Get thou poope together wild card.. 

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There was actually a mathematical error that I made during the design of the backend automation.
I got to bring some extra eyes on it today and have fixed it so that the scoring is now reflective of the intended weighting.
I am still getting some extra checks done to be safe, but I have added to the rankings the split for evaluations and vote scores.
There is also still the potential for further evaluations from other Wildcard employees over the next week, so scores could still continue to change for a bit.

Thank you for bringing attention to the issue.

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