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Broken tame float mechanic? (Manta bug)

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Hi, i have been having issues with this for a while. Might not be related to the float thing but seems very similar, as it happens after movement, however slight.


Whenever you are underwater and you move then stop, sometimes you float up for a bit. This isn't so bad when diving alone, but if I'm on a mount such as the manta which seems to be able to move vertically and very fast, this becomes a problem. The increased movement speed seems to turn the little "float up" into a "fly out of the water in an underwater cavern with enough force to vault the walls inside" kinda thing.


This happened before, the manta just jumped out of the water vertically into the underwater cavern air pocket by about 20ft,  then landed back down in the water again, but just about an hour ago i tried to nudge my manta forward away from the cavern walls to dismount it, and it leapt out of the water, passing 40ft and nearly hitting the ceiling, flew over some metal walls and is now chilling on the floor of the cavern.


This was on multiplayer (leech, eu pvp easy) and on a samsung s9 if that helps.


Also, as the manta is still there (it doesnt seem to take damage unless I mount it) is there any chance of getting some help with this stuck manta? Or advice on how to get it back to the water without killing it, as A. I only have about 12 amber at the moment, not enough to revive a lvl 80 manta and B. The only water revive platform i have is in the shallows, and the very first time i took a manta to the shallows it insta-died for no reason.

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Hi there - this is a very odd bug. Unfortunately, I do not personally have a way to help retrieve the Manta for you at this time. However, if you would fill out a bug report form - in the Bug Report post pinned to the top of this forum - that may help us to fix the "jump" issue and prevent something like this from happening again.

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