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pvp 20xBoosted-Custom Drops-Discord Community-Longterm Server

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Search: Gridlock
Unofficial PVP 24/7- Rag, Extinction, Island, Aberration, Center
Custom Drops(no tek)
No easy/Fiber craft

ORP Monday-Thursday (PVP 24/7)
Unlimited weight, 8 man tribes
20x XP, Harvesting, Taming, Maturing
Fast Hatching/Flyers
105 max lvl Players
Longterm players
Discord Community 

(Recommend to join the discord to read the rules listed.)

Come join the fun! 32 slots each map. Wiped February 2, 2019.

This server is boosted to where Ark is only a little bit of a challenge but not a chore. Way less grind but still fun!

We're looking for longterm players to have fun with us. Server is overall friendly. Come see if this is the server for you! Trolls/griefers will not be takin lightly if you become an issue.

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