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Force Close (iOS)


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I use the iPad Air 2 to play ark mobile, ive had crashes before, however at most it takes a day to play again. Sadly I have not been able to play my single player game for a week now.

The thing that ticks me the most is I am able to start a new single player game but not join my main one. 

The area in which I last played on was near carno island on top of a mineable rock taming an argentavis as well. 

Any help would be much appreciated!




Edit: I just noticed I accidentally put this into Xbox instead of mobile... Oops!

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If it’s on single player it should be saving your progress to your iPad, you shouldn’t need to create a brand new character after you die or the game crashes (unfortunately it does crash quite often)

Do you have the latest update installed? 

And when you play try switching off all other apps, that might not help, but it can’t hurt either.

If  you are being asked to create a new character or from scratch (where you have to choose gender and body type) but have played previously you should be able to restore a previous save.

When you start ark after you hit the first button to play (on the screen that shows vistas from in the game)  on the second screen a pop up box usually opens asking if you want to continue your game, hit cancel. You should then have 3 options. One is to play multiplayer, and on the left a button to play solo or manage your save data.

Do you have anything saved there?

if you do you should be able to restore it by simply hitting restore, then return to previous page and hit play.


let me know how you go.



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