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Ark Primitive Plus PS4 Unofficial Dedicated PC Server

Join our growing community today!


PSN Community page: A Forsaken Land - Ark RP P+ Server

Discord Server: A Forsaken Land - RP https://discord.gg/dembsvE

Dedicated P+ Ark Server Search:
Valguero: A Forsaken Land - RP 1


We have a lot of custom settings to enhance your Ark Experience!


- Custom P+ ini files: some engrams added, some taken out

- Custom day/night cycles

- Custom PvP cycle to match day/night!

- Team of Moderators committed to enhancing the experience, not cheapening it!

- Community polls and suggestion box for player feedback


Once you're in game, there's progression to be made!

- You can get your friends together and build a Capital, Town, Village, or Homestead!
- Build trade relationships with your character's neighbors!
- Perfect your character's profession(s) and become the best!
- Persuade your enemy's loyalists to join your cause and overthrow the Crown!



To learn more about our server, the rules, Kingdoms, and more, please join our Discord server!




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