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Conquest Tribe Wipes

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Greetings Survivors, 

Today we have enacted a wipe of the groups BLDX and Gang Gang from the Conquest servers. In the short time that the Conquest servers have been open, these two groups of players exhibited blatant disregard for our Code of Conduct even after warnings and direct enforcement action on their tribes by way of account bans. 

The conquest servers were created to see if we could create an environment where those that enjoy tribe warfare could do so without the issues that plague the main cluster. We stand by the spirit of the conquest servers and will be actively taking direct action against those that seek to disrupt clean tribe warfare. Those that play on the conquest servers with intent on using exploits/cheat to gain an advantage are not welcome and will be removed. 

We have big things planned for tribes that are willing to play clean. Thank you for your support as we continue our endeavor. Without the support of the community, we would not be able to succeed as we have today. Please join the Conquest Enforcement discord and help us create a fair and clean tribe warfare cluster. 

-The Conquest Enforcement Team

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