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Dinos Stuck in the single player obilisk (XBOX ONE)

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When Abberation first came out I wanted to test if it was true about not being able to take Abbarent creatures out of Abberation and into the other worlds. So being stupid me I loaded one of every type of Abbarant creature. Of course it didnt work and for some reason I couldnt take the 30 odd creatures out. I thought it would fix itself when creatures would be eventually allowed out of Abberation but when the update came the creatures were still stuck in there.


I tried adding a new one to see if it would wedge something for me to select, cause as it stands I cant even highlight them. Its like they dont exist but their name is there but faded. I tried everything to empty the obilisk. But I cant do it like PC players can. 


If anyone knows how to help, I would greatly appreciate it! I wanna try and fix this before the next DLC if possible! I cant transfere creatures between my single player worlds at all...Only items.

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