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So this is very weird.

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So last night on my solo world I tamed a Quetz and Direbear that had some pretty nice stats. (Keep in mind, I never am/was playing on boosted stats, my stats are all default except tame at 2x)

When I join the game again, both my Direbear and Quetz have millions of health, stamina, food, melee, and basically every stat. I have no idea what led to this. I might also note, this has happened for every dino of mine that i tamed except my Ptero and Dilo. (so just the bear quetz and an argie) 

Has anyone else experienced this on a solo world?

Here's my active mods, if this helps. I haven't made any adjustments before the issue started happening either. 1251632107,1435344008,756389708,793605978,821530042,905971515,895711211,731604991,849985437,870709781

Please help, I don't want super boosted dinos!

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1 hour ago, Qwertymine said:

Interesting. Are you sure you didn't bump a level scaling factor or something like that? I'd try resetting your server stats.

I'll do that. Also, update: It didn't happen with my equus or anky, but it happened with my griffin just now.

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On 10/14/2018 at 6:55 AM, Kazt said:

Update: The problem persists. It happened with my Ptero on another solo world just now. Something I should note; it only happens with rideable creatures. For some reason, I fear this might have to do with classic flyers or dino pickup mod.

Update again: It doesn't only happen with rideable creatures. It just happened to my Mesopithecus and Argent on a different world again. I urgently await a solution if anyone has one. I have tried disabling my mods, resetting the INI files and all that.

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