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Single Player Titanosaur needs fix

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Hi. So I just had my third Titanosaur drown on me during taming, even with god mode in solo, and I’m wondering if the devs could reduce the difficulty in taming by implementing a new form of rocket or boulder that would require less headshots to knock it out, perhaps as an ARKitype, or even as a prenium item. I know that the devs can’t really alter the Titanosaur AI that much, and are hesitant to add force tame, but it’s extraordinarily frustrating to have your nearly tamed Dino just die. If anyone has tips on taming one, please let me know.

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I saw a titanosaur in my single player game head off underwater from herbivore island and then it showed up on carnivore island a day or so later (6hrs of playing approx). I double checked it was the same one with screenshots, so I’m a bit blown away that it didn’t drown.

how long did the ones you’ve had take to actually drown?

obviously the one in my game could’ve resurfaced and avoided drowning, or perhaps they can’t drown in solo, idk.  I just found it odd.

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