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Can someone translate this Chinese tribe name?

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45 minutes ago, Sphere said:

Grass mud horse

This is the literal translation.

Yup. I put it in  bing translate and it came out --> 草泥马 

Thank you. Kinda sounds like an insult....I guess. LoL

But wait....the last character in the tribe name (the 4th one) is not there. What is that one?

32 minutes ago, Seskr8 said:

I didnt know it was possible to get wiped for pillar spam

Yes you can. That tribe along with 2 other I reported got wiped at the same time. 

Each of those tribes had 4-8 render distances  of pillars on the map NOT near a main base...or any base. They had 1x1 shacks with a bed to refresh timers but that was it.
When the GM deleted the the first tribe it crashed the server-kicked everyone off. then was MAJOR laggy for each subsequent deletion.

So pillaring in render of your main base (and maybe a bit beyond) they wont touche, but when it gets obviously land grabby with the pillars they will wipe the tribe of all structures.

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