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wood and thatch gathering

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Mostly Thatch Trike = Saddle (Lv 16)

Mostly Thatch Megaloceros (Male Deer) = Saddle (Lv 30)

Wood + Thatch Mammoth = Saddle (Lv 31)

Mostly Thatch + Fiber Megatherium = Saddle (Lv 52)

Wood + Thatch Roll Rat = Saddle (Lv 58)

Wood + Thatch + Fiber Therizinosaurus = Saddle (Lv 69)

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While its higher than 50, if you can get your hands on a chainsaw (at lvl 55), it will be a nice item to carry around if you ever need wood and don't have a dino. Really good at gathering wood regardless, and uses gasoline for fuel.

While i have most of the above dinos, I find that theri is the best for wood. Only downside is it does not get any weight reduction like the mammoth/casteroides. Mammoth/beaver are great for starting-mid game, and theri is really good if you have a high-weight dino to stash the stuff in as you deforest an area (or quetz if you have a teammate).

Honorable mention for me would be a wyvern. While it sounds funny, they're actually really good at gathering thatch with their C ability. Gathers a decent amount too. Also gathers cactus sap in heaps.

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1 hour ago, JuicyPineappl3 said:

are there any good ways to tame a low level mammoth

They're easy enough to tame, biggest problem though is the location and keeping them alive to tame, I usually go to Ragnarok as I tend to run into less problems there, on the Island though it's been a different story, had one knocked out that was boxed in by some large rocks and the mountain wall so just had to put some spikes down to block one end off, waited ages for it to starve then went to put the kibble in and it was laid on a purlovia 🤬

Then there's the one I had fenced off with spikes, a megaloceros came flying off the mountain and landed inside the spike fence, followed by the pack of wolves chasing it 😂 there's loads more like that and I probably have maybe 25% success rate on the Island because of other creatures getting in the way, easiest way is using a quetz or wyvern to carry one to a pen but real men tame in the wild 😋

You're not bothered about level though so you can pick and choose, look for one close to the edges of the snow biome and try and get it away from any nasties before knocking out , and always starve tame, especially if you're using kibble as there's a lot of creatures that will agro on it.

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