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Hello my fellow Survivors !

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I have been playing Ark since it’s Early Acess on the PS4. I have truly fallen in love with the game as it had potential I never thought of, Ive met many amazing people in this game and through that I created a tribe and they have become close friends because of this game.

I play official servers (yes yes I know) and that is where I have found the most fun in Ark. I know that this game has something for everyone which not a lot of games can say.

So basically, my goal is to see how far I can get and more importantly what I can change in the official server community and both how people view it and maybe even how some play it. It’s not easy as there are really poopty people and even major issue the game faces but I guess I’m just not the quitting type as through all of it I’m still going.

If you are reading this then first off, thank you. Second, my tribe likes to grind. Hard lol. But I don’t like to make it a job or unfun. I enjoy so many things about this game so before you judge shoot me a pm and let’s talk. I enjoy meeting fellow survivors! Anyways have a good day night my friends!


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