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pvp GOLDEN PVP Ragnarok Boosted Good Drops

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Hello, our server has been up and running for awhile so we are not a here today gone tomorrow group. We do have events. There is an offline raid timer meaning no offlining. No insiding or under mapping. You will be kicked. Harvesting is boosted, some crafting is boosted like advanced rifle bullets for example, cost 1 ingot and 3 gunpowder (vanilla ark is 9 gunpowder). Basically this is a mature (18+) server currently 10 slots, which will be upped to 20-32 depending on population this week. This is a tek server with some restrictions. No underwater bases. Custom loot drops. 

Here's the good part level 300 player and level 1000 dinos!!!! Will be making a few minor balance changes throughout the week but come try it out! Fresh server search GOLDEN in unofficial PC sessions and you will find us! Be the first to claim the castle and receive the prize. Have a good day.  

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