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Look what I've build

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 This topic is about sharing nice or funny builds (not just the biggest). I guess you can build whatever you want with unlimited resources in God mode, so maybe nice to only show off real handmade/hard work builds...

This is my third (rather basic) base. The first in stone because of the pursuit. I think I was around level 50 getting here. I build it near the volcano to get easy access to metal and obsidian. Also close to the snow biome to start exploring that part of the island. I chose this area next to the waterfall because I like waterfalls and almost all resources are very closeby.

I started with the (by the pursuit requested) house with a bed. When I wanted to tame a monkey I build an open space on the roof as a taming pen. Later I doubled the size for taming Sabertooth and Direwolves (drop them in with Argy). 

Because there spawn Dilo's and Raptors nearby I build spiked walls as defense. That works fine (even against a Theri) and looks better than walls. The 2 house Rex's keep everything out as well.

Around the house is everything I need: crop plots with all vegetables, campfire, cooking pot, smithy, forge, preserving bin and a fabricator.

I got the idea of making a bridge over the river (Just for fun). It ended up in half a bridge with a platform with a bench to enjoy the view on the waterfall and for fishing (only not so much fish here). To make it clearly visible at night I lid it up with some torches, also at the top of the waterfall. I also wanted to have torches on the top of the Behemoth gateway but that seems to be impossible. 

I'm sure others also build rather useless but nice looking structurs, please share ( I've used Photoshrinker on iOS the get the screenshots small enough)!

Single player

Day: 240





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nice base ! 

would like to share a video of mine 

placed the first pillar just  1 week ago so it is still not completed 

it might be done in 2 more weeks i play on a pve server the base is small just a living room with a great view of the snow biome and a industrial room for crafting 

and a small pen for the tames on the other side 

i would like to build a bridge between them but cant do it because of the height limits

tribe members and friends helped a lot with ideas and resources to build it 


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3 hours ago, JB1980 said:

Amazing builds. Is that without God mode?

How do you get your animals down the vulcano? Quetzal?

thank you 

no it is in a live official server helena pve medium 

small and med sized tames with the quetz 

rex and spinos on foot 


farming the resources wasnt hard the base is kinda small all of that was done in only 1 week 

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Now that I have a Quetz I upgraded my base a bit.

A nice high (about 8 pillap) and safe landing platform. Strangely I could make an even bigger counterlever to the left side, but not to the other sides. There it says that there is no supporting structure. Could be a bug because there are pillars underneath it on the left and not on other sides.

Any suggestions on how to get a ladder/stairs to it without building a giant wall? I'm not into an electric elevator.




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