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Can i get a confirmation of this.
If this is indeed legitimate then i for one will be done with this game and i'm pretty certain I wont be the only one that has had enough of ark devs continuously ruining the game play for loyal players.

It seems patch after patch they are driving players off of ark and on to other games. To introduce this onto long time SE players now with all the new game releases coming out is just stupid. Do you want to have any players left for Extinctions release? Ive had the season pass for a long time but i can assure you the final DLC wont be downloaded at all and any further wildcard games will be boycotted.
You guys really need to read the forums and actually take the feedback from the PLAYERS into consideration. 

Great work WC:Hatchet::Jerbcry: (Perfect depiction of what you are doing to this game)

latest patch notes to come.png

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well as it stands with the current manticore situation, i wont appreciate paying 150 talons and high possibility of losing all my tames due to manticore landing bug and then only get a lousy 100 element. Just an insult.

What absolute tool decided to complain about the current manticore loot drop and cost of admission." Oh excuse me WC, can you please make the boss fight longer to grind for and with less of a reward if your dodgy AI npc mechanics allows us to complete in within the time limit. Thank you so much, your the best. Always listen to the players needs"

Of all the things they need to prioritise, they choose to mess with something that does not need fixing as apposed to the huge list of those that do.

Just ridiculous and this will be the final straw for me and many others.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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