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pve PVE T.N.U Jurassic Ark Isla Valguero - Fresh wipe 13/06 - Immersive Taming - 18+

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Are you looking for a community where you can explore a wonderful map, trade with others, build up somewhere you can call home? We here at T.N.U Jurassic Ark Isla Valguero are pleased to offer a server with 60 player limit.

Our tribe is looking to add committed and active players who want to take part in a cooperative gaming community. Players who are interested in running solo, or wanting to start their own tribe are more than welcome as well, and will receive equal access to server-wide events (such as a 5x exp boost), community building projects, boss raids, etc. Please keep in mind that this is a mature 18+ community, so please be respectful of other people and their hard work.

Our server, Isla Valguero, is centered on the Valguero Map and includes the full roster of Ark dinosaurs, including the ones from Scorched Earth, Aberration and also mods which add a lot of extra dinosaurs each with varying degrees of difficulties. Players who simply like to be creative and Build away are welcome as we feel this is a builder friendly map and we offer A carefully selected list of mods handpicked by our Admin team to include some of Ark's most popular mods to aid with this.

You will find a link bellow, which we’ve organised into a mod-pack for your convenience. This list is subject to change and we’re always interested in learning about new mods to add to our community. Likewise the server settings we’ve chosen reflect our thoughts on what’s fair for large tribes and solo players alike.

This is a PC PVE server.
*No pillar spamming allowed ever on the server!*
Monthly events such as Double XP Boosts and arena events.

Gather x 3
Xp x 3
Harvest x 3
Taming x 6
Breeding x 20

If you have any questions for us, please feel free to contact one of the server owners via Steam. They’ll provide you the necessary information to get you started, as well as an invite to our Discord channel.

Discord link: https://discord.gg/ktDpvda

@ {T-N-U} MAC
@ {T-N-U} JadeArrow
@ {T-N-U} Doc. The End

Mod Collection Page:

Mod Collection Page:

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