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Beached Sea Creatures

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I just had to kill one of my Mosasaurs because it got beached, I had to kill two max level Megalodons because they got beached. They don't die when they get beached, there's no way to get them unstuck, they just become a waste of tame space, forcing me to kill them because of their worthlessness. And it's especially painful when something as rare as a Mosasaurus gets beached. Why is beached/stuck sea creatures even a thing? It's one of the reasons why I wish players could request them. If you can program the game to allow land tames to be teleported anywhere on land, how hard would it be to program the game to allow sea tames to be teleported anywhere in the sea. 

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On 9/29/2018 at 2:02 AM, WarDrumKeys said:

Hi there - the beached sea creatures issue is known and is being looked into, and the underwater request system is already on our list of player suggestions.

I tamed a tuso and whatever I do I can’t make it grab other creatures, I tried with multi tap but it won’t carch. Anyone can tell me how to do it

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