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OMG I LOVE THIS BOT soo  much ❤️❤️ it very easy to use! now i can just type a command and i know everything i need to know for a tame! never i need to go to open my browser and wait util my brower is done whit loading and need to search for arkwiki or dododex!!


Just try it out you will be happy not joking!

and mitchel you are the best developer! make the bot stonger and better! :) 

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On 9/26/2018 at 6:16 AM, Michel3951 said:

Defense Unit is a bot that is made to provide information about ARK, this includes: taming information, crafting recipes, gampedia pages & more. The bot is currently in 60 servers with a total of 74k servers.

Useful features:
,kibble [creature] <quanity> - Display the crafting recipe for this kibble
,tame [creature] <level> x<multiplier> - Display taming information for this creature
,craft [item] <quantity> - Display the crafting recipe for this item
,search [data] - Search through ARK's gamepedia
,map [ARK] - Displays the map of an ARK
,wiki [creature] - Displays the basic information for this creature

DiscordBotList page: https://discordbots.org/bot/488442856353300513

Discord Bots page: https://bots.discord.pw/bots/488442856353300513

Instant invite URL: https://discordapp.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=488442856353300513&amp;scope=bot&amp;permissions=0


If you have any suggestions or found a bug, use ,feedback [message] in your discord server, this will send me a message :)

Dododex backed bots are the way to go. The changes in the kibble system were recent. By centralizing through either Dododex or Ark Wiki we can ensure that exposure to the same-content is high and updates are called for by one of the platforms. So as opposed to some sort of solution w/ hard-coded responses I would rely on RestAPI. 

I wouldn't mind doing this as a windows service or even a laravel solution. The thing is; right now... I need work. You couldn't expect me to take on a 'free' project and then allocate more than 30+ hours a week towards it. Its not about 'now'. Programs are slow to write. 

Edit: I recant, unless there are things that you need done. sometimes I accidentally rush into threads with a dev-response whenever solutions have already been made. If you need support then let me know. thanks.

Edited by ravenispurrty
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On 8/30/2019 at 11:07 AM, emix007 said:

hey @Michel3951 i miss something. The cloning chamber! i write to bot ,craft cloning chamber 2  or ,craft tek cloning chamber 2 but he say there is no item with this name. Can u do something or can i do something or did i write wrong?

Thank you, yes there are indeed some missing items in the craft command, but they are getting added piece by piece. I'll add it right now!

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I like the bot!

I would also like to see an future function where it can gather the latest Community Crunch and news from Survivetheark.com and post automatically In a discord channel of my choosing. Then maybe a function where it can auto post the most commented forum post of the day also from survivethark.com


Thanks for a great bot!

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On 4/29/2020 at 12:18 PM, ocukace said:

hey, i have installed the bot, but it doesnt give me any knockout info?


Looks like either the channel settings, or your user settings have embeds disabled. You can enable them via User Settings -> Text & Images -> Show website preview info from links pasted into chat, or for channels, Permissions -> Defense Unit -> Embed Links

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Hey everyone! Loving the bot so far, but I'm having a little difficulty with some of the taming checks.

Question 1: has the bot been updated to reflect the global taming scale from the recent wildcard update? Our server was previously a 40x taming server, but now is 20x due to the changes, so is that going to be reflected if i change the configuration to 20x instead?

Question 2: how do you check taming calculators for X dinos and tek dinos? when trying to use the standard format, (i.e. ,tame 210 tek rex) it says it cannot find that dino. same thing for the x dinos.

Thanks in advance!

- Shadow

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Defense Unit has reached 5000+ servers.

I'd like to thank everyone for using the bot and providing feedback for it. I never thought that it would reach more then 100 servers but here we are. It's been a long ride (2 years, 1.0.0 was released at 2018-09-09) and we still have a long way to go! 

A list of milestones and large updates over the years:

- v2 : Taming with dododex
- v3 : Rewrite of v2 and release of the initial server dasbhoard (it was called Fort Bots back then)
- v3.1 : release of the old deprecated API and the knockout command

01/21/2020: Defense Unit reached 2500 servers
04/20/2020: Defense Unit reached 3420 servers!
06/01/2020: Release of https://servers.delta-velorum.com/

- v4 : Trading, translations, servers re-worked and our own taming calculator
- v4.3 : Timers/reminders
- v4.4 : Server watcher and custom prefix

What's next? After 2 years there's still much more to add. Updates will now be released on a monthly basis instead of weekly/semi-weekly, this means that you will still get the regular amount of updates but they will be released as one large update instead of several smaller updates.

Thanks everyone for this amazing experience!

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