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Hi I’m Doctor A on DireBear PVX hard server. There is a Chinese tribe picking up wild Dino’s with the quetzals and Argys and they fly into my base and land on the floor making their tamed bird release the wild Dino. They break all my stuff when I am in PVE side of the game. They kill my tribe mates while they offline in the base and they kill my passive Dino’s. They lure out my Dino’s that I don’t put on passive and they lure them into pvp side and kill them when we are not on.

We ask them to stop many times, I use translator to talk to them because I can’t speak Chinese and they laugh. I have screen shots I posted a report but my screen shots would not upload because they are too big from my camera roll. I don’t know how to turn my iPhone camera roll photos into url’s So Im making this post. They keep griefing and I don’t know what else to do. I built in PVE side for a reason. To not worry about my Dino’s being sniped. And they still getting killed. 

The griefers are called Bandit Duo (that’s what the translator says)  on DireBear PVX Hard NA server.  Located at 27 41 coordinates. I apologize for the long post, I hope someone with some influence sees this and takes action against them.  

Thank you for reading.

Sincerely, Doctor A

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So if you land your bird, the bird gonna drop the Dino? Even on other player’s bed territory? This is not good... dev need to change something about this. Yes they might get banned, but are they gonna give back our dead dino? I don’t think so right? And what if we don’t have any proof? We should build base exactly like pvp

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