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Which Seeds/Crops Are A Waste?

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I think it depends what you want to do. Most of the special crops in prim+ don't do much but can be used in some recipes. I thought i would be baking cakes and stuff but that is more for just the fun  of it than a use. 

Some of the herbivores can be tamed with some of the prim+ crops, with a few working waaaay better than even kibble for that dino. Like mammoths can be tamed with sorghum and dodicurous can be tamed with barley. Some of the others work too but not very many. There is a reddit thread that shows what people have tried but it is not updated i heard.

Here are some things i planted that turns out have no need for: tomato, lettuce, spinach, cashews (their nuts don't spoil but they give only tiny amount of food compared to heaviness), tea (but you can brew it and i think the leaves tame gallimous but i never needed to tame one of those, so), coffee (same), tobacco (but you can make cigarettes to reduce need for food...they should also randomnly make you sick imo lol), sugarcane (unless you plan to make any of the juices which also aren't any better than food/water or for baking

Here is the crops i think are pretty much needed: the basic berries (unless you don't care about making dye, plus tintoberry used for making the healing drinks), rock carrot, savoroot, cintrela, longgrass, rice (best no spoil food imo). And for specific herbivore tames, i have barley and sorghum.

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