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Brand New Extinction Teasers!

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4 hours ago, Minimic2002 said:

Clearly you are not a photographer, u cannot just take something out a picture and comapare size, you can manipulate camera angles and zoom to make something look taller or larger. The Elemental is at the top of the screen so from looking at the bottom it will seem to be more stretched out. if you doubt me, lay on the floor and look up at something, it will seem taller. besides, even not taking that into account, there are rocks of different sizes at the bottom, ark has used the same rocks all through the game, the size of the rocks is not that large, so we can use the rocks as a scale reference which can be used to evaluate the size of other things in the picture.  Also in the picture below, u can see a tree, a very normal looking tree, and the tree elemental thing is only about 50% larger than that. See for yourself, even crop stuff out and put it next the the elemental if your disatisfied with my explination. im not trying to fool anyone, its right there in that image, check the website and use that image, its all the same truth.

heres the dilos for u

image.thumb.jpeg.f08925eebddedcb0665c5ac452864b71.jpegRelated image

Take a good look at the bottom right. The nose and mouth are of the same shape and scale. its front arms are the same. They have just retextured, giving its surrounding neck flaps a corrupted look with spiky bits and a lot of gaps. Look at the general shape and not the specific details and u will see it is, a dilo. Hope You Found This Helpful

Your comparison of everything would work if and only if the tree monster thing was standing right at the edge.
We can't see its feet, we have no idea how far away it is, which makes it impossible to accurately judge its size from this picture alone.

Also, (on the bottom right creature) it is rather similar to a dilo in its structure, but there's one pretty significant difference I see between them: The new thing appears to be pretty fat inbetween its arms and legs, but then the flesh just kinda stops after there, giving it a much skinnier neck and tail. On the dilo, there's more fat at and between the arms and legs, but its a much more gradual reduction of flesh instead of the abrupt stop on the new creature.
So maybe, it might be related to a dilo, and maybe in the code itself it's based off the dilo, but I couldn't say for certain that it is related to the dilo by lore, and it's certainly not a corrupted dilo.

5 hours ago, Minimic2002 said:

Thats No fire Wyvern. Look At The Size Of It, Look At The Size Of The Rocks Literally right below it. The wings are different too. I mean just look for yourself

Image result for ark fire wyvern I don't see the taters or the tiny spikes. The Head is also out of proportion to be a wyvern

Also The Size Of That Tree/Earth Elemental Is about the same as a rock elemental, compare it to its surroundings. So if that really is a fire wyvern it would look a bit more like this size wise

image.thumb.jpeg.eb8607edc641021f7f337092762aebf4.jpegThe Wyverns are about 1/3 to 1/4 of the rock elementals height, with the other elemental being about the same size as that theres no way its a wyvern, perhaps if they were baby. But I doubt they would use baby wyverns for anything of significance.

Now you're assuming that the rocks below the wyvern are literally right below it.
It could be much much higher and further back than it appears, this makes it just about impossible to accurately judge its size from a picture.

The wings on the wyvern in the picture are also identical to fire wyverns, what are you thinking is the difference?
I can make out some of the tiny spikes (barely) but at the quality of this picture, it should be expected to be difficult/impossible to make out the tiny graphical bits.

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