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pve Alpha ragna boss fight

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Due to i have to post more to come in the Trading Forum, i write some question to the boss. 

I did alpha with 19 rexes and 1 yuti, i was successfully due to the borrowed got good saddles and was good rexes. 

Coming in the arena i bugged in middl of the rexes firsr few mins, until i jumped off and ride a outer one. Than i tried to Whistle them "attack me enemy", the dragon was rly quick down. But than 3/4 of me rexes Stackd into Rock elements end refuse to attack the mantis with me.... It took rly tooo long to kill this Rock elementals, but after this i could easy kill mantis.at least no rex was lost. Next time i try to Run around to no t Stuck in elements..but there for i need to buy some where good rex saddles  🙂

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