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Admin Commands: Spawn an Obelisk Terminal?

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On 9/18/2018 at 2:20 AM, Codeezey said:

This specific example is on Xbox, but I assume it would ring true across all platforms.. is there a known way to spawn in an (invisible) obelisk terminal anywhere on the map? There’s a server (called birdsark) where he advertises it and I’ve also seen it in action. He has not disclosed how he does this, but I am obviously very intrigued. Does anyone have any information on this subject? 

summon tributeterminal_red_c
summon tributeterminal_blue_c
summon tributeterminal_green_c
summon tributeterminal_1_c (Red)
summon tributeterminal_2_c (Green)
summon tributeterminal_3_c (Blue)
not sure about The Center yet

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