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artwork fan art tattoo style

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here is 2 first ark fan art i done, i done them off my real ones featherlight has 1 color mutations on lights and glowtail has 3. 

done both in my art style as i do tattoo art

i am doing next a ravager clawing outer the skin and a shinhorn. 

maybe looking at doing a old american argie style eagle



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4 hours ago, Victory777 said:

Hahaha, I don't know if someone will tattoo the reaper on himself

Yes! A reaper would look great, especially if it looks like it’s tearing out of the skin. I will say, though, Reaper anatomy is a PAIN to figure out. However, once figured out you can make some cool stuff with it. 

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thank you very much ive done some better work in past with snakes and skulls i have certian style and i stick to it i have sold some pieces and ive had mroe then count on my hands people had some of my designs tattooed.

since getting my net back ive gone back to playing ark more and less time drawing but will get round to doing ravager 

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