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Smithy dinos/saddles for Aberration

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Because we just got to the point where crafting an ASC ravager saddle requires ONE more slot than the smithy has to offer, and that is for the BP itself *headdesk* ... on all other maps, we can use beavers, argies or thornies for that purpose. None of them exists on Aberration, but there are several Aberration creatures that could fill the role perfectly:

- Roll Rat, because wood gatherer = smithy (to follow the pattern -> beaver, thorny)
- Ravager, because it has a decent weight stat and weight reduction on materials similar to the argie
- Basilisk, because its main purpose is to carry lots of weight and doesn't seem to be very useful otherwise

SE got its own smithy dino (Thorny Dragon), Aberration should have one too - especially since it's not possible to transfer any of the existing ones to that map.

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