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decay timers Tame Decay Timers

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Disclaimer - This is primarily focused at Official-PVE as the decay changes were implemented to handle the dino cap. A problem which stems from PVE play.

Ark is a wonderful game, it has great progression systems from starting out as a beach bob punching trees to building your first 1x1 thatch hut, your next step is to build a campfire - get some meat cooking and keep hydrated as well. After feeling like you might survive your first night on the Ark, most people go out in search of their first tame, a Dodo, Dilo or if you're feeling masochistic enough you might even try tame a Raptor or Carnotaurus.

From the very start it's all a lot of fun as you tame, build, level up, tame, craft, tame, build etc. Now in the old days getting yourself up to stone tier was essential, until the Giga came along,.Then it was all about metal if you lived in the mid-north zones of the Island. However, protecting your base from wild creatures was not the priority here, the main concern for players was keeping their tames safe and secure behind closed walls. This was due to creatures being claimable after 8 days of inactivity from their respective owners, so if a wild Giga knocked down even a single wall panel on your base, other players had access to take all your hard-earned work. This was especially concerning back in the day as there was no Offline Raid Protection in PvE. So all of this could happen while you're offline. But now it has all changed, some for the better but some for the worse.

A lot of people on PVE currently are building their perimeter walls out of stone and then proceeding to build the rest of their base out of wood, this is due to the dino decay timers being roughly the same time as wood, so if they need a week or two away from the game then they are still able to refresh everything at once. This is a major problem as it creates a flaw in the progression system, severely decreases the appeal to progress to end-game materials and to have all the perks and benefits that come with that, such as protecting your tames.

The decay timer itself is not the issue here, due to the dino cap being such a prominent issue facing Ark official PVE the need for it is justified. The issue here is that because tames are the backbone of Ark, essential to any and every player whether you play PVE or PVP, creating a system where your players are losing these assets before losing the structures that are supposed to keep them safe creates a kink in the progression system and makes for a poor experience overall.

- TL;DR -

So what is this topic suggesting? This topic is suggesting that the decay timer on dinos be reviewed, not to abolish it but to adjust it. A few suggestions for this adjustment could be to extend the decay timer to the same time as metal. Or perhaps even bring back the claiming system after 8 days, and then auto-decay the unclaimed tames after 12 days (stone) or 16 days (metal).


On a personal note I am very open to feedback and criticism of this proposal from anyone here on the forums, thanks for your time.

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