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pve Galaxy Cluster Ultimate Extinction Core Servers NO WIPES EVER, GREAT MODS

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[PC][PVE]Galaxy Cluster Ultimate Extinction Core Servers

Ragnarok: steam://connect/
TheVolcano: steam://connect/
TheIsland: steam://connect/

Server Discord: https://discord.gg/AtA9T3R

Privately owned and hosted virtual linux servers, redundant everything.  Your game progress is here to stay. Automatic server updates and restarts, everything is automated. Mods stay updated within an hour. 

Most stats revamped.  Tamed dinos eat slower, buildings last longer, built for long term casual play.  Take a vacation without worrying about losing your hard work.  More realistic player food and drink consumption. Faster stamina regeneration. 30 Day decay on dinos and metal.

Custom in-game & discord command system! Vote for wild dino wipes, see who's on the server, kick yourself from a server from discord if you get stuck,  track time online and total time played, and so much more. Type !help in game or discord chat to see what you can do.

Player level 150 max.  Wild dino level 210 max (special spawns up to level 400)
10x Tame and breed, faster wild dino eating. Reworked xp ramp and engrams earned. 4x harvesting. Fast eggs, fast gestation. Almost everything is accelerated to make for a better casual play experience (less grind)

Tek unlocks after level 120.  5 Ways to obtain element.

Point system with store interface to buy items with your earned points.  Many item packs to choose from, even free starter kits!
Points are earned over time with bonus points earned as you play.  Points will be added to the loot system soon as well.

Full public teleport system located in all major areas. Get around the map a lot easier. Public crafting, forges, and trade center are also available to use.  

Public auction system connected to many other servers (outside of the cluster servers) to trade with!

All beacons, loot crates, boss fights, and beaver dams have all completely redone so the loot is definitely worth getting.

2 realtime hour ingame days, and 15 min nights.

Custom commands that can be executed in game and discord.  !vote for wild dino wipes (every 4 hours), !lotto join in on a lottery, !kickme from server in discord if you get stuck in game, and so much more, !help in game to see all the commands.

And so much more!  Way too much to list it all here.
Read more information in game by hitting F1 (Server & Tribe In-game Interface)

Mod List:
Extinction Core - Makes PvE challenging again! Total conversion.
Structures+ - Build better. A lot of tools to make ark life easier
Cross Aberration - Aberration on all maps!
Rare Sightings - Special dino spawns to tame or kill for loot
TC's Auto Rewards - Point system to buy many things, points earned while playing
Auto Death Recovery - No more corpses, you get all your stuff back after death
Dino Tracker - Find lost dinos easily
Upgrade Station - Upgrade all your weapons, armor and tools
Auctioneer - Public auction system connected to the public auction network (trade with servers outside of the cluster)
SELMods - A way better spyglasses and tranqs
Kibbler - No more need for egg farms, kibble made easy.
StackMeMore - Better stacked items, lowered weight (hold more stuff)
Additional Lighting - A lot of cool lighting options
Awesome Teleports - Public Teleport system with your own teleport at higher levels.
Morecrafting Primitive - Adds a lvl 1 shelter tent, new cooking fire, and new canned food
Swim Clear - Removes scuba goggle overlay for a full screen underwater experience.
Galaxy Custom Mod - Always adding new content through custom mod. (Craftable black pearls and Meat Spoiler)

Mod Collection Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1475281369

Extinction Core Info Wiki: http://extinctioncoreark.wikia.com/wiki/Extinction_Core_Wiki

Server Discord: https://discord.gg/AtA9T3R

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Posted (edited)

Ragnarok is  thriving.  Join this great friendly long stay community together.  Casual Play, Long structure and dino expiration and feed times.  Take a break and not worry about losing all your work!

You get all your stuff back when you die!

Points reward system, FREE STARTER PACKS!

Built for less grind and frustration.

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