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All my tames vanished from inside an enclosure in PVE

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I had only been logged out a matter of a day before logging back in to find that all my tames have completely vanished with no explanation as to why.

I was on 4/15 tames, comprising a stego, a raptor, a pteranadon and an ankylo, all high levels. Now I'm at 0/15.

I am on the Cave Terrors PVX server. After logging back in after one day of being offline, I got a message telling me that my Anklyo had been killed by an argentavis. Fair enough, I shouldn't have left it out in the middle of nowhere. That one makes sense.

But then after leaving my little house in the PVE zone (very far away from my ankylo), I found that all my other dinosaurs had completely vanished from INSIDE their enclosure, with no evidence of any damage or forced entry and no messages telling me they had been killed. 

Would appreciate some detective work on this, doesn't seem very fair to me!

Also, my character's name is Chronocide, and the server is Cave Terrors. Thanks in advance.

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