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PvP Hard Server "Tyrannosaur" Keeps Crashing and Rolling Back

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It first started happening a few weeks to a month ago. I had just finished raiding a Chinese tribe, and then less than an hour later, all servers went down. This is when there was a support page in the game. The servers had a roll-back. I had lost everything from that raid. The other day, I had just finished collecting a lot of metal, and the server crashed, and yet again, another roll-back. Fast-forward to today; my tribemate and I had just finished collecting a bunch of obsidian, metal, and crystal. On our way back to base, I experienced a lot of lag, I thought it was because of my internet, so I restarted the game. Once I got back, I saw that the server was down, and I was just hoping that there wouldn't be yet another roll-back. When I got back into the game, I saw that we had moved from where we were, to a place that we were like 10 minutes ago. I checked the inventory of our Argentavises and our Ankylo, and what a shocker, the stuff that we had collected was gone. All that time that we had spent on getting the materials was wasted because of the error in the game. Also, the game has been lagging a lot recently, and we have noticed that there has been 40+ people on at all times, and around 5 people are only typing in chat. I had asked why this is, and people were saying that it was because the Chinese were making alt accounts and are logging on so that none of us could log on. I have had difficulty logging onto the server because of this and I'm starting to get really frustrated. If someone could please help me with this, I would really appreciate it, and I'm sure the whole server would too.

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