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pve Arkholes Assemble- PVE Cluster

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Arkholes Assemble

Arkholes Assemble Cluster is a breeding-oriented PVE Cluster with almost maps unlocked. The cluster has custom boosted loot drops and Ragnarok has Aberrant dino spawns (glowpets, karkinos, basilisk). Despite the name, the arkholes of the cluster are always quick to help out when asked, but the admins are hands-off and play legitimately, so any requests for “gifts” will be frowned upon.

Server Contains:

20-slot Ragnarok server

20-slot Scorched Earth server

10-slot Island server

10-slot Aberration server

20-slot Extinction Server

And a private 32-slot Ragnarok server for long-time players. All of the public servers are fresh (Ragnarok, Center, and Scorched Earth less than a week old) meaning there are plenty of buildable locations.


Max level dino: 300

Max level wyvern/drake: 380

5x harvest

5x tame

3x xp

50x maturation

100x egg hatch

.005 breeding interval

.0464 imprint interval

3x imprint bonus


We have a discord: https://discord.gg/XG3gb47and a website for those who aren't interested in joining the discord: www.arkholesassemble.wordpress.com

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