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pve *New Server* Dinos R Us 10xT/H/XP/B Modded (4 Mods) *Updated 9/28/18*

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New pve server 

Map - Ragnarok

Rates - 10x b/t/h/xp

currently using 4 mods - structures plus (s+), death recovery mod, awesome spyglass,  and egg n poop collector/incubator

All are welcome to join :) all i ask is be mindful of neighbors and don't build on-top of someone :)  there are no dino tribe caps. 

no structure or dino decay 

there will be no wipes unless its necessary !

Aiming for a friendly community :)  


Feel free to pm me with any questions ! 


http://EvilPandasIsland.arkers.io - Link for Ragnarok

http://EvilPandaAberation.arkers.io - Link for Aberation


Based on feedback received from players i may up rates if needed but right now this is just the starter settings :)


~~Also giving a choice of a starter golem or wyvern to help aid in building and a mini care package ?~~


Aberation Cluster added

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