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Ark crashes and disconnects from just about all servers

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Okay so for everyone out there that has had the same problem as me I have finally found a fix to my specific problem. 

My problem was I can join any server with next to no problem maybe a slow load in time, but I could make it in. The depending on the server and everything when it had lag spikes I would get kicked out. It would disconnect me and I would know when because I could not interact with anything but my tribe members said I was still moving. So I would leave and rejoin after I ran somewhere safe and parked my tame, then join in that exact spot I left at. This problem happened anywhere from 5-45 minutes with any given time in between. Sometimes I would go to join back in and it would say "lost connection to host". I tried everything from calling my ISP to playing on my Xbox one x. I put in commands to lower the game quality maybe it was too much to render, I even lowered my resolution from 4K. I even went as for to port forward Xbox ports and Ark ports. Nothing worked, it would work fine at my friends hows or girlfriends house when I went. Then finally i figured out my issue, which for some people might be too expensive to just play Ark. I had planned on getting a new router since I just swapped ISP's and they gave me a modem/router combo. Finally I took the time to go out and buy my new router (300+ dollars). I got home set it up and boom my problem was solved. The router that my ISP provided was too slow and couldn't process everything so it would shut out when there was a small lag spike on the servers official or not. With my new router though I had to do bridge mode to fully get it to work so I did not get the double NAT type problem, but finally I can play without crashes. I can play all day and not have a single problem and its the greatest finally being able too. For my specific problem this is more than likely the fix it worked for me and everything is fine and working again which is strange because the router/modem combo I had suited 1gb download speed (which I am paying for) but could not handle slight server lag.

I looked for hours at a time multiple days a week for anyone that had the same recorded problem tried multiple fixes and nothing was working and I saw no one with a very similar problem with a fix. So I hope this helps whoever reads it maybe it will and maybe they'll try but that was my problem. The router wasn't strong enough for lag spikes. Which is a little frustrating that the main reason for probably quite a few players is to buy a whole new router over their ISP's. Also did not help I can not access the tech support forums because of my level and the "great Dev team" never responded to my support ticket (2 weeks later I am posting this). But that is my fix hopefully it helps!!

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Thanks for the update, im thinking something in this last patch changed how the game handles this, a dramatic increase of crash complaints (most seem on Xbox, too) usually the perscribed fix is: 'Get a one x'

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44 minutes ago, trslayerx said:

@d1nk yea i saw but in this case even the Xbox one X was not helping so it was the new router. Which sucks cause that is even more money and I am sure those two things go hand in hand to make one single game run better and be play able...

Theres bigger issues than just Ark at hand in this, this is getting into how Xbox's handle netcode and interact with Ark (probably all UE4 engine games) and the Xbox main servers


While I do feel your pain (I also play on Xbox) The main thing I wanted to get pointed out was that this is happening even playing on Xbox One X which usually is the 'fix' to most of Arks crashing problems (low memory on old gens)

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