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Welcome to the August Update, our second major content update for ARK: Survival Evolved on iOS & Android. This update brings new features to both Single Player and Multiplayer, alongside many bug & stability fixes. Download now from the App Store & Google Play Store, and read on for more details.




The God Console is available as an additional purchase in Single Player. Once activated, you can access it from your Function Bar. This upgrade can be applied to a new or pre-existing save and will give you instant access to a variety of resources in addition to a slew of cheat commands. With the God Console activated you can make your Survivor invulnerable, fly across the Island, instantly apply XP, and even hide all UI elements for screenshots and video capture. 

*God Console will be available soon for iOS users. This item is still in review with Apple and will be released immediately upon approval.




This all-new multiplayer game mode was launched at the beginning of August for our Primal Pass holders. PvX combines elements of PvP and PvE into one map. Now, you can build a base safely in PvE and venture into the PvP zone when you're ready to challenge yourself.




In PvX, the PvP zone is marked by a giant red border wall. Inside the PvP zone, you will find increased passive buffs, increased resource respawn rates, and access to Supply Beacons and Amber Deposits. For a full rundown of the PvX game mode, visit our Overview post.



CuddleBear_Icon_new.thumb.png.f08b62bb355df47f52062375aa9e6683.png          CuddleBearPink_Icon_new.thumb.png.990d39c02ae97bbe8c9a62fc2dfb9f64.png

Introducing the Cuddle Bear and Pink Cuddle Bear. These bears can be placed in your newborn baby creature's inventory to give them comfort and accelerate their imprinting speed, in addition to reducing their hunger. Each imprint reduces durability on the bear. Both varieties are available for purchase through the in-game store using Ancient Amber. 



Pheromone_Herbivore_Icon.thumb.png.0e1819695b1e4690e41981b06504fdc5.png          Pheromone_Carnivore_Icon.thumb.png.e21996e99f6d0967a1065ba2b7fcc95f.png

Pheromones are now available in two options - Herbivore Pheromones and Carnivore Pheromones. These single-use consumable items can be applied to a female creature's inventory to boost their fertility. Once used, the pheromone will increase their mating radius by 3x, increase your chance at a baby mutation by 2x, and produce a Super Fertilized Egg with bonus stats, should you choose to consume it. 


Version 1.0.91 (Android) / 1.0.92 (iOS)

  • God console now available in single player! Provides unlimited resources, god mode & much more!
  • Cuddle bears can be purchased from the store & vastly save time on imprinting and baby maintenance. 
  • Fixed cave crashes
  • Fixed some creatures not taking correct (or any) pheromone
  • Fixed beer barrel
  • Fixed premium skinned items not unequipping when broken
  • Added confirmation dialog if player tries to eat a fertilized egg
  • Fixed an issue where Auto Turrets were targeting Bolas
  • Optimized structure collision for improved server performance

Version 1.0.90

  • Added Pheromones to the store! Use them to breed more mutations or quickly hatch eggs!
  • Fix for rare case where Survivors could lose purchased items
  • Fix for creatures being unclaimed on tribe formation
  • Added notification when structure limit has been reached
  • Server speed improvements
  • Increased slots in Vault to 350
  • Improvements to Android audio systems and related stability issues
  • Misc crash fixes  

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I used mind wipe tonic and kept crashing but when it evuntuall6 worked it says -657 engrams  or somthing  and I’m not sure how to revert it I even levels up withe ngrams and it just made it a smaller number and I used another mind wipe but no5hing is happening 

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On single player mode I can’t seem to find any tames higher than around lvl 25, does anyone have an explanation of why? Or if this will be fixed and we will be allowed to tamper with settings like on console? Maybe even do commands to kill the wild dinos to reset them, I’m commenting about this because I’m a lvl 83 player and my highest dino is a 49 Trex. Although I used to play on the Potent server and wild dinos used to spawn at high lvls like crazy, I once tamed a 145 quetzal and I could actually find dinos up to level 150. If you have any information please inform me. 

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You keep adding money making stuff but not fixing most of the common crash bugs. I’m not spending on the game again until it’s stable, my game crash often opening inventory, but also many other random crash, not safe to play in pvp!

also, the game has such bad ping and FPS. I’m often 140ms and 7.5fps.

1gbps fiber connection, playing near the modem.

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