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question about transfering dinos.

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So my buddy has a pvp server passworded, and were playing the island right now. Yesterday i jumped on a pvp server (Ragnarok Map) and actually got a wyvern. So my question is i tried to bring it over to the island on my buddies server a,d for whatever reason i couldnt get it to come up as a dino on his server to take it out of the obelisk. is it because one server was passworded and the other was not? 

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2 hours ago, twinkster30 said:

How do you tell what servers are clustered? 

A good admin will have the word cluster in the name of the server, or you can use any obelisk or drop and select travel to another server and it will say which are on cluster. Best bet if it's not in the server name is to find out who the admin is and ask them. Unfortunately so many admins hide the fact they are admins for the sole purpose to pvp against their community as the alpha tribe. This is why I'm so transparent with the players on my cluster. They know who I am and they also know I'll never engage them. 

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