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pvp [PvP]Ragnarok T:x7 H:x5 XP:x5 B:x20 ORP Classic Flyer No Whipe

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Full Server Name:
[GER-PvP]Ragnarok T:x7 H:x5 XP:x5 Classic Flyers
Our Servers are Running since the 03.08.2018 so don't be shy and take a look!
You can find Everything again here: http://www.tnr-community.de/rules.html
Direct Connect:
Root Information:

Intel® Xeon® E3-1275 v5 Quad-Core @ 3.60GhZ


2x 512 GB NVMe Gen3 SSD combined in Raid 1
1Gbit Internetconection
General Information:

Website: http://www.tnr-community.de/index.html

Teamspeak: ts3server://tnr-community.de:9987

Steamgroup: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/arkragnarokpve 

Discord: https://discord.gg/khDrMPw


Special Features:
Numerous event's for more fun in between.
Active support for the pitfalls of the ARK.
Two stable running ARK servers + Teamspeak + Discord + website/forum.
Long-term fun cause of slightly higher Rates(no speed PvP!)
All engrams are learnable so also solo players are welcome!
Classic Flyers was nerfed for PvP.
More fun in PvP cause of our mod collection.
To Strong Mod Items and Abberation Items were Deleted (S+ Nanny, S+ Turrets etc.)
Active Admins who care that the PvP is also according to the Rules and without disputes
And much more! Let yourself be suprised!
Our Modcollection:
Our Rules:
You can find our Rules on our Website(http://www.tnr-community.de/rules.html) Reading is required and ignorance does not protect again Punishment!
Taming Speed = x7;
Hair growth = x0.5;
Player Damage =1.5;
BabyCuddle = 0.06;
Baby Growth = x20;
Hatching rate = x10;
BabyImprint = x1;
Harvest = x5
XP Multiplyer = x5
Max wild Dinosaur LvL = 180;
Max Player LvL = 150;
MaxTribe Structures = Unlimited
Serverrestart = 6.00 A.M. | 6.00 P.M.;
Gamma changes Disabled;
Third person available;
Night Speed = x1.3;
Day Speed = x1.0;
Structure Resistance = x1.0;
Recurce life = x1.0;
Plant growth speed = x1.5;
Loot Crates Quality = x1.5;
Reccurce Respawn = x0.5;
Wild Dino Damage = x2;
Tamed Dino Damage = x1,2;
Stamina loss = x0.8;
Trenching Active;
Egg laying interval = x1.0;
Fishing Loot Quality = x1.5;
Max Tribe members = 8;
Turret Damage = x2;
Offline Raid Protection = Enabled;
Raid Protection Logout Intervall = 900 seconds=15 Minuets;
Respawn Intervall = 80seconds;
Turret Damage = x2;
Crosshair = enabled;
Hit Marker = enabled;
Player Stats changed;
Maximum Amount of Tribe Dinos = 250;
Dino Regeneration = 1,5;
Number of dinos = 1,5;
Stamina Regeneration while in Air = Disabled;
Titanosaurus Permanent = disabled;
Titanosaurus Lifetime = 2 Days;
Maximum Amount of Structures per Platform= 25;
Turrets per 10.000 Units = 120;
Some Engrams Deleted = S+ nanny, S+ Turrets, S+ Kill gun;
Kibble Table Prices: Small Dinos 100 Ingots, Big and Usefull Dinos 500 Metal Ingots per Kibble;
WorldSafe every 20 Minuets;
Thanks for Reading! I tried my best to tell you as much as i can about the server hope to see some of you soon!
Edited by Derumkas

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